Sometimes self care is a puppy of infinite cuteness.

What is Self Care and How Do I Do It?

"Self care" is a big buzzword in my professional life as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. It means to do something that helps you relax, or feel some positive emotion, or just take a brief break from the stresses of your day. Self care could be something big like a vacation... or something small like the scent of a favorite bar of soap during your morning shower. I consider using one of my lotion bars to be self care when I'm in the middle of a busy day. I also find using quirky and humorous products to be a type of self care that keeps my mood uplifted when I might otherwise feel weighed down by day-to-day stresses.

Self care means putting yourself first, even for just a few minutes. A minute or two of focused deep breathing can bring down your heart rate and reduce stress. Wrapping your sandwich for lunch in a food wrap with a bright or funny pattern can bring a smile to your face when it's time to eat your meal.

Self care has as many different definitions as the number of people you ask.  Sometimes self care can involve buying something that makes us feel good, perhaps because we are supporting a small business or using a product that reduces the single-use plastics in our environment.  

Sometimes self care means getting a puppy, which is why I featured a picture of Pippin, my Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier on this post. He makes me laugh every single day with his antics, even now that he is 3 years old. Wasn't he the cutest puppy EVER?

One of my goals in starting Birds and Beeswax is to make and sell products that bring pleasure, relaxation, or a sense of fun to the world. I want to bring some ready-made self care to my customers, because we all need stress relief. I hope you will find a product here to help you with your self care, or a gift you can give to someone else for their wellbeing. Mental Health starts with SELF CARE.

Let me know what you do for self care in the comments!



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I often place a call to my sister. I realized recently — and, also, not too recently — that I have not done that in a loooong while.

I think she is a wonderful sister. And we are loving the lotion bar she gifted us. It smells wonderful. Every time we use it, it feels as if we are giving a present to our dry hands.

Jens Carlson

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