New Website Feature -- Product Reviews (and a Blatant Bribe)

Birds and Beeswax LLC has finally joined the modern era by adding product reviews to this site! To my loyal customers who keep telling me how much they love my products... here's your chance to tell the world! Also, I am not at all above handing out bribes to get some product reviews on the site! For the first 20 reviews posted to the website I will privately email the contributor a special discount code for $10 off their next order. Limit is 1 special discount code per customer, please. I will remove this offer when we reach the target of 20 reviews, so if it's still here, it's still valid. (Please note: I do reserve the right to delete any reviews which are not appropriate for viewing by a general "family" audience, or which appear to be written by a bot or anonymous account. There is a human being behind this website (Hi there!!!). Let's treat each other with respect and understanding :-)