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Birds and Beeswax LLC

After Sun/Wind/Cold Balm

After Sun/Wind/Cold Balm

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This cream lotion is great for any time skin is extremely dry or irritated by sun, wind, or cold. Great for elbows and heels, too!  Please note: Due to the fact that this balm is meant to be used on irritated, possibly sore, skin, the scent level is lower than in my solid lotion bars. Even natural fragrances can at times be irritating to sore skin.  Just be aware that if you purchase a scent that you already love in a different product, you will likely find that it is not as strong in this product.  Also, this product does leave a persistent layer on the skin as a protectant and to help with healing; this is not an everyday type of lotion unless you are working on healing severely dry skin!

I'm proud of this balm which includes aloe gel and avocado oil along with beeswax, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. I'm not only the owner and maker... I'm also a client! I forgot to put sunscreen on the back of my neck at a big craft show. By the afternoon I realized my mistake... and immediately started applying this balm. It was so soothing and I learned that keeping it in the fridge made it feel even better. I hardly felt any discomfort despite the lobster-like color of my skin. Your mileage may vary, but I believe that this product really does soothe and help to heal sunburn. Always use sunscreen, but when you forget... give this a try!

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Form: 3.5 oz of moderately heavy cream lotion (heavier if kept in the refrigerator) in a reusable tin with screw-on, screw-off lid. *denotes conventional fragrance oil.
Bright Jasmine: A fresh combination of jasmine and lemongrass essential oils, this has been extremely popular at craft shows. Natural essential oils.
Foreshadow: How to describe this scent? It is neutral but fresh, a little bit green, a little bit citrus. Enjoyed by both men and women, not floral.*
Fruity Lemonade: The very essence of summer! Natural scent oil.
Honey: Just a hint of the sweet stuff.*
Lavender: As expected, scented with lavender essential oil.
Scent Free: The name that explains.
Shining Armor: A slightly woody scent, subtle and comforting.
Velvet Jacket: A little bit smoky, a little bit pipe tobacco, a little bit "in the library by the fireplace."
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