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Birds and Beeswax LLC

Birds and Beeswax Solid Lotion Bar

Birds and Beeswax Solid Lotion Bar

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Ah... the name game. "Super Moisturizing Lotion Bar" was the most recent name for this product. Same great product, new simpler name.  Some packages will still have the previous name. 

Use daily to help protect hands from drying and chapping. The best part is that these bars LAST and LAST. Perfect for air travelers (doesn't count as a liquid), great to toss in a purse or backpack (won't open up and get all over).  Don't leave it in a hot car or near a heat source though, it will melt! If that happens, just leave it in the jar and allow it to harden at room temperature or in the refrigerator and use the product by scraping out a small amount to use. Note: If the product seems too greasy, wipe excess on a towel and next time use less. A very little bit goes a long way!!! 

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Ingredients: Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Avocado seed oil, Babassu oil, Apricot Kernel oil, fragrance
Form: The 1.5 oz. molded bar has a bee motif on top and is packaged in a reusable metal jar with screw-on/screw-off lid.
Bright Jasmine: A fresh combination of jasmine and lemongrass essential oils, this has been extremely popular at craft shows. Natural essential oils.
Foreshadow: How to describe this scent? It is neutral but fresh, a little bit green, a little bit citrus. Enjoyed by both men and women, not floral.*
Fruity Lemonade: The very essence of summer! Natural scent oil.
Garden Mint: A mild mint scent with just a hint of the outdoors. Fresh and clean.*
Green Fairy: Mysterious and beguiling, a bit of apple, a bit of foreshadow. Difficult to describe, hard to resist!*
Holiday Spice: A traditional blend of orange, clove, and cinnamon. This has been wildly popular at shows this fall. Natural scent oil.
Honeycomb: A mild honey presence with complex layers of bergamot and a bit of musk. This has been popular with both men and women.*
Irish Dew: A refreshing, invigorating scent that makes me think of morning in the woods. This is my husband's favorite scent in my current products.*
Lavender: A classic calming and relaxing choice. Natural essential oil.
Scent Free: The name that explains.
Shining Armor: A woody scent, warm and inviting.*
Strawberry Milkshake: THIS milkshake would bring all the boys to the yard... if they like the smell of strawberries! This scent puts smiles on the face of everyone who smells it at in-person events.*
Velvet Jacket: A deep, rich, musky scent which makes me think of pipe smoke, an old private library with ornate woodwork, perhaps a hint of bourbon left in a glass on the mantle... Natural scent oil.

*denotes conventional scent oil

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